Industry 4.0

Connecting real time farming processes with critical historical data, such as weather events, climate changes, resources' availability, economics, product information or machine settings is a must. The Internet of Things enables precision agriculture in order to maximize food production, minimize environmental impact and reduce costs. provides smart farmers with a secured unified dashboard for data aggregation and integration. Moreover, the IoT data thus gathered allows taking analytics-driven actions, based on addressing specific issues and concerns.

What you can do ?

  • Remotely monitor the climate in greenhouses (temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil moisture) in order to automate processes or trigger alerts

  • Constantly receive updated information about the growing crops, based on monitoring soil, climate and weather data

  • Define rules and get alerts based on different values (frost, leaf wetness, soil moisture, pests) that require immediate attention by the farmer

  • Remotely program equipments to plant, fertilize, spray or harvest

  • Machine auto-diagnosis and prompt communication of critical results

  • Remotely monitor animal health (body temperature, animal activity, tissues resistivity, pulse, GPS position)

  • Cloud technical records in order to apply decision algorithms for crop and livestock farming

  • Extract patterns to make predictions regarding the yield estimates and planting plans